19 Mar 2013

Two Blonde Chicks

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Working with a designer enhances a project, working for a designer even more so.  A 2000 sq. ft. office in an old office complex, Two Blonde Chicks is a marketing and design firm.   Inside an existing shell, this renovation was more cosmetic than structural, reusing existing building elements of painted brickwork, stairs and common areas to accomplish the clients goal.

19 Mar 2013

MSK Orthopedic

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A 10,000 sq ft. medical office recently completed by Centrix in Kitchener Ontario.  The complex boasts a full Orthopedic office system and care area, as well as a Chiropratic office and Physio Therapy center.  The space was constructed by Centrix in 12 weeks, with a complete fire suppression system, as well as controlled keycard access and full alarm system.  Updates to the building facade and mechanical systems were also completed.  This facility does have a completed medical care area designation as well.

14 Feb 2013

Weber Supply

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A leading supplier of industrials products with over 155 years of proud Canadian heritage, Weber Supply turns to Centrix Building Groupfor their construction needs.  In 2010, Weber Supply began its search to upgrade its facilities to meet the demands of their loyal customers.  An existing industrial facility was purchased, and so began Centrix’s involvement in taking a building shell and creating a location worthy of Weber’s company heritage.  Centrix was procured by Weber to lead them though the renovation, as well as the design/build with over 10,000 square feet of new corporate office space.  By overseeing the creation of an industry-leading distribution centre, reworking all existing mechanical systems and the fusion of new office space,  an existing building shell has been transformed into Weber’s Flagship Distribution Centre.  Centrix continues to be involved in Weber Supply branch locations across North America.

01 Feb 2013

Cherry Forest Products

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Centrix Building Group has been involved with Cherry Forest Products, an international processor of high quality hardwood products in Aberfoyle, Ontario, since 1999.  An industrial milling and finishing plant covering 75 acres, construction at CFP is always ongoing.  From pre-engineered building erection, concrete machine bases and Kiln construction, to office renovation and expansion, Centrix covers all areas of construction on the grounds.  An unwavering commitment to site and construction safety and an always evolutionary problem solving outlook form a strong foundation for the partnership that has lasted for over 10 years.

14 Jan 2013

Business Centre

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A landmark building located on Queen Street in Kitchener, Queen South Business Centre is a multi-unit commercial complex housing over 50 separate corporate entities in one building.  Centrix has overseen the recent makeover of all building common areas as well as routine mechanical and security issues a building of this size represents.  By working around the schedules of all tenants and an absolute dedication to cleanliness  as the focus, Centrix was able to meet the needs of  both a landlord and on-site tenants with a modernized office complex without leaving the post-renovation  inconveniences that can accompany a project with a high number of involved participants.

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